All about wine

USEFUL INFORMATION FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED Introduction So, you want to learn more about wine? The following sections are aimed at those who wish to acquire some basic wine knowledge to overcome the difficulties encountered when making their first steps in the world of wine. […]

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Adjusting wine acidity

In warm countries, where the climatic conditions do not allow the grapes to store enough acids, it is common to add tartaric acid (organic acid found naturally in grapes) to the must. It is noted that acids in wine come either from the grapes (tartaric,

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Wine Acidity

Acids play an important role in determining wine quality. Without them, the wine would have a very odd colour, its taste and quality would be significantly inferior. The main acids in wine are tartaric and malic acids which come directly from the grape. Many other

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More About wine – Aromas

Are you an oenophile, a wine connoisseur, a restaurant owner, a waiter, or love wine?  The following article will give you more information about wine aromas, their origins, when they appear or are created, their categories, and their role in wine. WINE AROMAS The aromas

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